Implementing Ambidexterity in Project Management Organizations: A Review of Literature


  • Mey Ali Obaid Al Leem, Ahmed Al-Shamma’a


There is a growing amount of projectization in organizations. Projects are used as a vehicle to deliver organizational business. There are unique challenges in terms of management of resources and project portfolio management in a project-based organization. One of the management philosophies that have been gaining popularity in last 20 years is ambidexterity. It is defined as “ ….the ability to simultaneously pursue both incremental and discontinuous innovation and change… “ [1].

Ambidexterity has been gaining popularity with project organizations both in public and private sectors all across the world. However, in order to implement it, we still need a better understanding of what it entails. This paper is going to present a review of literature to explore a range of aspects associated with ambidexterity. These aspects will then highlight the major challenges associated with the implementation of ambidexterity.