Index Disclosure of Public University Reporting: The Case of Malaysian University


  • Mohd Noor Azli Ali Khan, Chong Wei Xvan, Nor Zafir Md Salleh, Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor


This study aims to identify the quality of annual financial report prepared by various universities in Malaysia. Digital reporting on financial report is chosen because nowadays the internet has become a key source of corporate information. Thus, this study will be focusing on both public and private universities that operate in Malaysia and have published their annual financial report online. Annual financial reports from the 7 public universities and 15 private universities will be collected through their official website respectively to be used as the data to conduct this research. The data collected will then be analysed by using the 56 items of disclosure index that have been developed based on the framework of both Modified Accountability Disclosure (MAD) index and MGTC index to determine the disclosure levels of the financial reports. The findings indicated that the level of disclosure ranges from 28.57 percent (16 items) to 76.79 percent (43 items). At the end of the research, it is recommended that Malaysian universities should disclose their financial reports in accordance with the established index for better quality.