Crowded Travel Effects on Commuters –A Study of Indian Sub-Urban Railways


  • Anand Kumar Gupta, Tanushree Gupta


Everyone in the world ought to do some journey for the work.The purpose of this paper is exploration of the factors effecting commute well being and provide some solution for positive behavioral change in commuting employees. This research paper is an attempt to define commuting as everyday travel between home and work independent of mode, distance and time. Literature is used to establish expert consensus on commute well being requirements and strategies were rated over literature outcome to generate positive mental health and well-being in the workplace commute. Commuting is the regular trip between home and work. Travelers utilize different means of move such as lashing personal car, general buses and rail transportation. Analyses depict that time taken for travel to office and back home has significant impact on employee behavior. The cost of commute may understand in the form of travel stress experience and distance of daily commute. The final outcome of this research work derived as job dissatisfaction of employee. All the analyses, findings and suggestions have been enumerated in the conclusion. Future prospects and commute related factors have a significant effect on commuter job satisfaction.