Challenges Encountered by Women in India in Technology Entrepreneurship


  • Rina Chakraborty Ghosh, Deepika Pandita


Over last two decades, there has been an escalation in the number of innovative start-ups and technological ventures in India but the majority of them have been founded or co-founded by men. Technology and Innovation has performed a major role in the 21st Century. The Indian Government’s ambitious initiatives such as Start-up India and Stand-up India to build dynamic ecosystem for growth up of start-ups has failed to attract female entrepreneurs. Though women entrepreneurs are ambitious, the success rate in start-up or technology ventures has been low. Since about 48% of the population in India is women efforts must be made to increase number of women entrepreneurs are increased in number in the technological area. This would result in an economy boost for the country. This paper is a comprehensive review of the barriers Indian women entrepreneurs encounter especially in start-up and technology. It also examines if mentoring can address some of the challenges to improve the number of technology and business start-ups by women entrepreneurs and increase their chances of success in business and has proposed a model. The study aims to create a scope for futuristic research with the potential of new topics being unearthed.