Finite Element Analysis of T-Joint in Arc Welding Process


  • K.Sravanthi, P.Satyakrishna, Ch. Sridevi


Welding process is used in joining similar or dissimilar metals pieces which is either by creating a strong metallurgical bond between them or by heating or application of pressure or both. Automobile manufacturing, construction sites & power plants are some of the areas in which Arc welded structures are commonly used. weldment failure is caused by design defect and overload therefore analyzing maximum stresses in the weldment is essential.
The effort is made to optimize the fillet angle and gap between the parent materials of arc welded T joint with plain carbon steel material. Here finite element analysis (ANSYS19.0) is carried out on welded T-joint under tensile load which determines the von-misses stress induced in the weldment.Distribution of stress is evaluated along the weld size & throat thickness and later compared with analysis results.

Keywords- Arc welded Structures, Finite Element Analysis, T-joint weld, Weldment, metallurgical bond.