Image and Signal restoration: A review


  • Ghada Mohammad Tahir Kasim Aldabagh


Digital image processing deals with analysis, feature extraction and restoration of an image. Now day’s image restoration is an important step for improvement in image. The restoration aims to reconstruct image which degraded on prior information. So the objective of image or signal restoration is to remove blur in image with the help of deblurring techniques. There are many techniques are available to recover the image by simply removing the degradation added during acquisitions like variable pixel value, noise, motion etc. These techniques are applicable to both spatial as well as frequency domain. Base of Image restoration is probabilistic models of image degradation. Hence It has wide scope since trends to recover image look best in appearance.In this paper, overview discussion of image restoration,different techniques of image restoration, types of various filter used for analysis was done.

Keywords:Image restoration, blur, Gaussian noise, wiener filter.