Factors Affecting Occupational Injury and Death: Insights from Ready-Made Garments Industry of Bangladesh


  • Shafiqul Alam, Shah Ridwan Chowdhury, Abul Bashar, Md Aynul Hoque


Occupational injury and death are alarming issues in the readymade garments sector in Bangladesh. Every year, thousands of workers are injured and die due to occupational accidents. The aim of this research was to investigate the factors of occupational accidents and review the most common accident causation theories that mainly focus on people and management aspects of accident hazards. This paper adopted a mixed approach to identify the factors that cause injury and death accidents in the RMG sector. A semi-structured survey questionnaire and personal interview were used as the basis of the data collection. The data were then subjected to reliability analysis, correlation identification, and factor analysis to identify the accident causation factors.The result revealed that employers' negligence, legal and compliance issues, occupational health and safety, and building structure are the critical factors of occupational injury and deadly accidents. Relevant accident causation theories were reviewed and suggested for the garments' authority to prioritize effective prevention and severity minimization of garments accidents. Unlike previous studies, this paper considered a comparatively larger sample size and offers further explanations of injury and death accident factors at the RMG sector in Bangladesh. The researchers also addressed the previous gaps and provide further illustration by connecting accident causation theories for preventing future accidents. The findings of this study will enhance garment authorities understanding the factors of an occupational accident. Reverent accident causation models were also identified and suggested for the garments authority to prioritize effective prevention and erosion of death and injury accidents. Moreover, the outcome of this study will positively support the policymakers and garment owners to initiate necessary steps and control future accidents.

Keywords: Accident Theory, Bangladesh, Factors, Occupational accident, RMG