A Study on Developments Required in Government Schools


  • Dr. Saikumari. V, S. Kisshore Kumar, K. Nishanth


With almost a fourth of India's populace being in the time of going to class and school, regardless of whether our segment circumstance is an advantage for our nation or not relies upon the nature of their learning. Information, aptitudes and ability are the key empowering influences for keeping up our financial development force, particularly in a situation of innovation drove disturbances like Industry 4.0, where aptitudes and skill necessities are ever-evolving.
In this developing country still the government schools haven’t developed still people focus and move towards private school. There are various opinions for each individual to join their wards in the public school, but there are only few and similar opinions for the people to reject or unwillingness to join their ward or child in the Government Schools.
The survey was conducted among the people in Tamil Nadu with 13 questions that are related towards their opinion on government schools and what they want to change in it. There are three main factors that depends upon choosing a school, they are: 1. Infrastructure, 2. Quality of teachers and teaching and 3. Extra-curricular activities.
Keywords— Knowledge,skills.