A Cram to Shield Rhino’s


  • Amulya Nigam, Devesh Bhatnagar


In today’s era rhinoceros are becoming a huge part of wildlife smuggling. Antipoachers are hunting rhinoceros for their horns selling them in black market as their horns are a great source of income which is having an adverse effect in our ecosystem. To prohibit anti-poaching of rhinoceros horn ultimate steps have been taken by Africa and sir john sellar who is the head of preservation of wildlife Africa are – DNA Forensic lab are being used for tracking of poachers, they are using index system for DNA, so as to track anti poachers. The theme of pink dye has been used to fake the poachers and use poison which doesn’t have adverse effect on rhinoceros. African team is also using microchips, to track poachers and now to conserve rhinoceros, the Africa farms are taking drastic step to de-horn the horns of rhinoceros i.e to cut off the horns for the alivement of rhinoceros.