Effect of Ethanoland Fecl3 Addition on the Performance and Combustion Characteristics of a Compression Ignition Engine


  • C. Deheri, P.P. Patnaik, S.K. Acharya, D.N. Thatoi


Performance and combustion analysis of a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine has been done by using ethanol and ferric chloride (FeCl3) as additives with diesel. The engine is supplied with neat diesel, ED10 (10% ethanol+90% diesel), ED20 (20% ethanol+80% diesel), ED10+0.2FeCl3 (10% ethanol+90% diesel+0.2 gm/L FeCl3) and ED20+0.2FeCl3 (20% ethanol+80% diesel+0.2 gm/L FeCl3) at various engine loads (0 to 12 kg) by maintaining constant engine speed of 1500 rpm. The results obtained that BSFC has been reduced by 5% when the engine is fueled with ED20+0.2FeCl3compared to the neat diesel operation. BTE is found to be enhanced by 4% by adding ethanol and FeCl3 with diesel. Exhaust gas temperature is also found to be reduced to 316.720C from 398.90C by using ED20+0.2FeCl3and neat diesel respectively. Combustion analysis reveals that in cylinder temperature and pressure is almost identical in all the fuel blends compared to the neat diesel operation. Moreover the combination of ethanol-diesel-FeCl3 in the diesel engine shows very promising results while considering thepower output andin-cylinder parameters.