Front Desk Information System for Saint Felicity College


  • Marmelo M. Abante, Mark Raffy M. Neones, Alvin Dale S. Joyosa, Catherine R. Delfin, Rejan L. Tadeo, Wilfredo W. Tomas Jr., Isaac Vince R. Avila, Myra SJ. Santos, Dan Michael A. Cortez


The researchers will make a front office/reception system as a hands-on part of Front Office Services NC II for the students of the Saint Felicity College. Front Office is the first place where guests or customers arrive and come in touch with the staff. Front office is the mirror of a hotel. The function of the front office is to directly get in touch with customer. Such room can discover more information about the customer and provide information for the customers. After all, Front office includes roles that affect the right side (revenues) of trading statement of the business.
The function of the system is about making reservation. This may also serve as an exam for the students of Saint Felicity College(SFC). Knowledge of students of HRM can be tested in this system.
Our objective to this system is to develop Front Office System that will schedule all the reservations of the students in an easy way.
Front Office System that will allow the students to know rooms available and types and costs room that the customer’s wanted at a certain time. Front Office System that provides receipt and proof of billing statement for the customer.
The methodology we use in this is system in prognostic type of research and creative type of research. Then the different Data Gathering instrument which consist of observation, research survey and interview, in addition, the different analysis, system design, and System implementation.
Keywords:-Front Desk Information System, TESDA, Front Office Services NC II, ISO 9126