Biofeedback Based Correlation of Diabetic Subjects with TTH & CAD: A Statistical Digital Approach on Experimental Results


  • Rohit Rastogi, Devendra Kumar Chaturvedi, Shrabanee Swagatika


Digital technology is modernizing healthcare. Large volumes of data refer to Big Data by digitising health information that can quickly be processed by machines. Digital Healthcare analysis is the ability to diagnose and suggest ways to reduce costs, provide quality patient care & outcomes, available 24/7, reach to patients located in vast distant geographical areas, and avert preventable diseases. Artificial intelligence also referred as AI, is an autonomous real time machine system in comparison to natural information analyzed by humans. Diabetes is a serious, under-reported, life-threatening disease, affecting millions of people of all ages, and researchers have identified it to be a major public health problem that is approaching epidemic proportions globally. The purpose of this study is to investigate diabetes analysis from CAD and other diseases using the latest advanced digital technologies to analyze information extracted from IoT and Big Data and Stress Correlation (TTH) on human health.