Self- Healing Composites: A Review on Material Characterization and Testing Methods


  • Danica Rayen, Siva Vigneshwaran U, Harini Vuppalapati, Arko Pravo Chakraborty, Kanu Priya Jhanji, Amit Kumar R


The intent of this work is to give account of recent trends in self-healing composites since 2016. Self-healing materials are well known for their natural healing tendency, faster recovery when damaged. In this work, initially the various methods of healing are discussed. The main focus is on the healing agents that can be encapsulated in the micro/nano-capsules and micro/nano-fibers or vascular-based networks. It also summarizes the recent developments and applications of self-healing composites in aerospace industry. Subsequently, the review work was carried on core-shell nano-fibers and capsules. In-depth survey was conducted on the testing methods and fabrication techniques that have been utilized in recent years for fabrication and to determining response of self-healing materials to mechanical loads. This review will help the academic researchers to come up with new ideas on high performance materials.

Keywords- Self-healing; Healing agents; Nano-fibers; Micro-capsules, Hollow tubes, Vascular networks