Android-controlled, Peltier-based Thermoelectric Charging Station with Arduino


  • John Anjelo P. Torres, Alfie I. Reototar, Josiah Buhayan, M. Min. IT


World’s dependence on renewable energy continues to rise. Today, people commonly use the hydroelectric and geothermal forms of electricity generation which is good for industrial purposes. In this modern age there still exists communities with less power. Thus the researchers checked the feasibility of developing a simple and practical electricity-generating device using Peltier modules. Consulting the related literature and studies in electricity generation, they found the utilization of a thermoelectric device for generating electricity. This was accomplished through following the principle of waterfall model in the development of the device. The overall design is to produce power and enable monitoring and control using the Bluetooth device. From the data gathered—execution of the developed hardware and survey data the researchers have observed that it is possible to achieve with a practical potential. In light of these they recommend developing a thinner device with more elaborate circuitry in controlling stabilizing the electricity produced by the device—producing a more effective everyday charging device.