Research on the Risk Perception of Fashion Online Shopping using SDT Evaluation among Female University Students in Guangdong China


  • Hewei Tian, Youngsook Lee


In this paper, the signal detection theory (SDT) is proposed to quantitatively analyze the risk perception on fashion online shopping of female university students win China.It also analyzes the main types and manifestations of the risk perceptions of fashion online shopping.Based on previous studies, the survey questionnaire was formed which tested the 20 female college students from Lingnan Normal University, randomly selected as test subjects.SDT is used to evaluate the sensitivity and reaction tendency. The sensitivity value and reaction tendency value of the risk response were obtained. The results of the study show that the sensitivity value is [-4.65, 0.93], which is generally low with small differencel, while the maximum reaction tendency value is 12.2650, and the minimum is 0.7191. The values of this indicator vary widely, and inconsistent with the actual situation, indicating that the SDT proposed in this study can be used to evaluate the risk perception of female college student on fashion online shopping scientifically and accurately.