An Integrated Framework for High-Resolution Urban Flood Modelling Using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study of Adayar Sub Basin


  • Vidyapriya V, Gopala Krishnan R, Sheeja R, Karthika R.B


Recently, the flooding in Chennai cities is more devasting, due to the accumulation of water for a short spell of rain. So, a need is felt to use high accuracy terrain data for accurate mapping in urban flood environment. With the latest technology LiDAR, an accurate ground data i.e DEM of 1m resolution is prepared for preparation of flood inundation mapping. In this study the objective is to generate flood inundation maps for Adayar sub-basin using 2D models for for the year 2005 and 2015. From the results it is found the runoff from the existing drainage network, is signi?cant which highlights that the inundation in the area of Thiru vi ka watershed is higher. Therefore, an alternate flood mitigation solution through modeling techniques is performed for this study. At last, the study concludes with feasible solutions which provides an insight for the similar cities.