Generated Automated Exam for Sudanese Universities


  • Almonzer Salah Nooradaim, Adil A Aziz Saed


Today with the development of technology and the trend of the Sudan government, Sudanese Universities convert the manual exam to e-exam. Starting by four universities(Alnealine University, Open Sudan University ,Alnhda faculty  ,International University of Africa) , Despite the increasing numbers of educational institutions that carry out the e - exam, the current practices lack the standard and thus become the need to build a unified model in preparing the number of questions and the method of setting up the e - exam. A random sample was collected from four Sudanese universities for 160 students (undergraduate and postgraduate) 11 teachers and 10 courses, the data were analyzed and therefore deficiencies were identified in the current practices of the e -exam. A standard model for creating the e -exam was proposed and then an automated tool was developed based on the proposed model. The test of the tool after its application proved its ability to estimate the time of the exam in addition to the efficiency and flexibility in the prepare of the exam questions in an organized manner. The researcher recommends developing this tool and using it in the Sudanese universities to increase the efficiency of the e -exam.