Student Performance Analysis Using Machine Learning


  • Sunil Bhutada, Sreelekha Komma, Ruchika Bhutada


For every student, academics play an important role in their life. So our project is mainly based on “Student performance analysis”, which is a process of predicting the student performance based on the previous data about the students and their academics, so as to help them correct themselves. This lets both teachers and parents know about the student performance and by using certain indicators, we perform logistic regression using python which helps to easily predict the student performance and analyse the student data. Logistic regression model plays a major role in the prediction of correct data by using particular indicators or attributes from entire data to be trained to get the original data so that can be predicted easily. Later random forest and support vector machine also used to find accuracy and at last, we had compared all the algorithm to tell which performs well.

Keywords:Prediction, Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Python