Development of a Working Prototype Model of a Pollution Free


  • K. Someswara Rao, Dr. A. Srinath, D. Pavan Kumar, P. Satyanarayana Chowdary, P. Sai Vishal, R. Pavan Kumar


This paper mainly focuses on development of a working prototype of an automatic which uses three different ways of generating electricity for running an automobile. The prototype will have three different modules of electric power sources that are solar energy, wind energy and electricity generated by fuel cell. These three different electric power sources are connected to battery bank and from there power supply is connected to motors of the wheels through a power controller. Initially the automobile will run with the electricity stored in the battery, after attaining some speed wind and solar energy start producing electricity and stored in the battery. Whenever requirement is high it used the store energy for running the automobile. All the existed IC engine automobiles are causing environmental pollution and damaging the human’s health and many people are dying every year in INDIA and all over the world. This pollution problem is rectified in the developed prototype model. It will not release any harmful gases to the environment there by no harm to the humans life or animals life’s.The fuel cell technology uses hydrogen, oxygen and it emits water. Similarly the wind and solar energy generate electricity from sun and wind which will not emit any harmful gases to the environment. Another feature to this prototype is semi-automatic technology. The Initial cost of the car may be high because of fuel cell cost but the maintenance cost is low.

Keywords: electricity, IC engine, environment, automobile