A Case Study of Challenges Faced by Rural Women Entreprenuers in Unorganised Businesses at Coimbatore


  • Dr. M.R.Vanithamani, Dr.M.Sriram


The digital economy has contributed more for the tremendous development of women entrepreneurs, both in rural and urban areas across the globe.  When Bagavat Geetha, describes a women to be versatile enough to do the different mantles of a mother, assistant, advisor and wife, she can also shoulder responsibilities of an organization. Surely, the inspiring annals of the female human spices are replete with a number of women having made their mark as great leaders, administrators as well as business tycoons. Woman in business need to face certain barriers to start-up their venture, such as under-capitalization of business, decreased levels of self-confidence and the non-visibility of appropriate role models as well as supportingorganisations. Women now make up nearly half of worlds’ entrepreneurs population. They follow different approaches to start their businesses which are innovative and creative when compared with men. Recent research by McKinsey Global Research Institute, By giving equal opportunities to women in business, the country could add $770 billion to its GDP by the year 2025, which would be 18% more than the current status.This article will be an eye opener, to those who acts as motivation and hindrances for their development, which includes their family members, the society, their business competitors, suppliers, and other related authorities, by bringing out the struggles faced by rural women entrepreneurs, mainly the entry barriers faced by them, their expertisation and needs for their developments. The focus of this article is to bring out the real life problems faced by the rural 'omen entrepreneurs in the unorganized business sector, because woman contributes equally with men for the family and national economic development. This article mainly attempts to provide proper suggestions to fulfill their business needs and support them to develop and succeed in theirbusiness.

 Keywords:Women Entrepreneurs, Unorganised Business, Rural Women Entrepreneurs