A Comparative Study On Educational Standard In CBSE And State Board Schools In Tamil Nadu


  • Rohith R, K.S. Shoba Jasmin


Education is a significant factor in the development of any nation. India since independence  consistently centers around improving the proficiency pace of the nation. Indeed, even now, the administration acquaint numerous plans and projects with advance essential and higher auxiliary education in India. Be that as it may, with regards to the decision of education system individuals all the more frequently lead to CBSE or State board as understanding with their accommodations. There is a huge contrast in the educational standard of CBSE and state board. Indeed it is accepted that CBSE is more in theoretical, sensible and explanatory information as contrasted and State board standard. This in the end lead to absence of competency of state board understudies be the CBSE understudy in serious tests.  In this context, this paper analyses the public opinion on the difference in quality of education provided by CBSC schools and state board schools in Tamil Nadu. The primary data for the study was collected from 300 sample respondents selected through simple random sampling. The independent variables considered for analysis are age and gender of the sample respondents and the dependent variable is their opinion about their opinion about the difference in standard of education in CBSC schools and State Board Schools and the reasons for differentiation in standard of education analyzed with the help of graphical representation of charts, percentages and correlation analysis.The result of the analysis observed is that there is a significant difference in the standard of education between CBSE and state board and this could be set right if there is a uniform educational standard throughout India.

Keywords:Education, CBSE, State Board, Competency, Standard.