The Implementation of Internet of Things Using Test Bed in the UKMNET Environment


  • Rosilah Hassan


The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important components for the 4.0 industrial revolution. Among today's problems of computing is the need for high power consumption and considerable space and equipment usage. Therefore, a small-sized technology and requires only low power to operate is necessary. A study has been conducted to study the implementation of IoT within the UKM network environment known as UKMNet. Furthermore, a test bed is developed using an Arduino Uno board as the IoT Hardware. To test the performance of the connection between the Arduino board and the server, the iPerf software is use. As a result, we find that Arduino Uno is suitable for use as the IoT hardware for this scenario. Performance tests for Arduino board also meet the requirements for the implementation of IoT where the data transmission rate is between 3.483 Mbps up to 3.563 Mbps. The jitter value for this connection is also lower than 1.80 milliseconds to 1.85 milliseconds while the packet loss rate recorded is 0% to 0.59% for 10 seconds of data transmission. In conclusion, by using Arduino Uno as an IoT hardware is suitable to implement in the UKMNet.

Keywords: 4IR, Arduino Uno, iPerf software, UKMNet