The Concept of Early Childhood Education Management Based Personality Development towards Human Resources Humility Integrity to Lead


  • Arfiani Yulianti Fiyul, M. I. Suhifatullah, Mastur Thoyib, Nandang Hidayat, Elia Daryati Rahayu


Creating Human Resources with integrity and excellence must begin at an early age. Concept Of Early Early Children Education Management Based Personality Development To Toward Quality Human Resources.  The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview and reinforcement to the general public about how the goals of early childhood education in order to produce quality children, with respect to management in the management of an institution, are focused on improving personality development from an early age.  Human Resources Development at this time which is the future of a nation must therefore begin at an early age.  The method used is the Descriptive Analysis approach combined with: interview analysis, data sources and data analysis techniques, namely literature study techniques combined with interviews and field observations. The results of this paper indicate that the concept of Early Childhood Education based on Personality Development makes children from an early age will grow in accordance with aspects of development consisting of: physical aspects, language aspects, cognitive aspects, moral aspects and emotions.  So that the internal and external intelligence of children develop optimally. Integrity and excellence in the future.  Conclusion: studying in childhood is like carving on a stone, while studying after a big age is like painting on water.   The management concept that is applied to early childhood influences the growth and development of children so that it is the best provision of social life and education throughout life.