Using Learning Objects as a Triggers for PBL in Industrial Technology Course


  • Ariffin A
  • Hamzah N
  • Rubani S N K
  • Zakaria N
  • Wan Hassan W A S


The study offers a comprehensive and systematic analysis on perception the need of learning objects as triggers for PBL method in Industrial Technology (Civil Engineering) course.  Learning objects is defined as an element of a new type of computer based instruction grounded in the object-oriented paradigm of computer field.  The research design is a case study which consists of quantitative method. Valid instruments through questionnaire have been applied to 32 lecturers in this study.  The results data was divided according to learning object and computer-delivered application to use learning objects in engineering classroom. Using the SPSS 16.0, the frequency, mean and percentage from data was obtained.  At the end of this study, the result shows that lecturer have positive perception in learning objects use as a triggers for PBL method in Industrial Technology (Civil Engineering) course. Video element (mean=4.05) got the highest mean score on perception the need of learning objects.  The lecturers also gave different view on learning objects using on PBL.  It is reasonable to conclude that learning objects is an effective and suitable triggers tool in PBL method suited with higher education environment.