Analytical Study of Perfobond Rib Shear Connnectors With Triangular Holes: A Review


  • R. Vetturayasudharsanan, B. Srinivasan, N. Valliyarasan.


This paper elucidates the slip behaviour of triangular perfobond rib shear connectors using ABAQUS software. Using ABAQUS software, an arrangement of CFS beams affixed with a couple of perfobond plates with triangular holes on the top of twin channel section welded back to back each other has been created. The reinforcements are tied rigidly to the CFS beams via the triangular holes in the perfobond plates. It is analysed using ABAQUS software to find out the slip behaviour of the connector plates and it is evidently proved that the slip behaviour is similar to the experimental investigation. The analysis is done by applying the methodology of finite element analysis where models have been devised separately and encapsulated together into a single entity. While creating each model, the dimensions and some arbitrary elementary properties have to be specified. And while assembling into a model, the software demands a co-ordinate based or node-based assembly and not by free mouse moves. After the application of all the loads, the post processing and simulation will provide us all the required entities like load, deflection, displacement, slip behaviour and the rest in an understandable manner. Using this finite element analysis, even minute behaviours can be found out clearly.