An Intelligent Robo-Vehicle for Mobility Service towards Watering the Agricultural Fields


  • S. Usha, M. Karthik, K. R. Kavinraj, T. Krishnamoorthy, D. Naveen Kumar, J. Santhosh Kumar


Today freshwater resources getting decline day by day due to be short of rainfall, at the same time the purpose of water usage is getting amplified. Consumption of water for agriculture and gardening purpose is maximum in our country, because the highest professions of citizen of India are farmers.  So there is a necessity of reduction of water utilization or some advanced technology has to be introduced to reduce the water usage for gardening purpose. In the existing system, large piping with high powered motors is used to supply water to plant and crops periodically. Here, human power is needed to monitor, whether the water is evenly spreaded or not. In the proposed work, In order to reduce the huge water wastage, a robotic system that moves through the field with a water tank that sprays water all over the field with an adjustable nozzle once the machine is turned on is suggested. The robot has the capability to disperse water to the plants in the garden in an efficient manner. Arduino controller is used in the proposed work for controlling the robotic action automatically.