The Impact of Organizational Identification and Employee Engagement on Intellectual Capital Assests: An Empirical Study


  • C. Maria Rex Sugirtha, S. Shahul Hameed, Thangaraja Arumugam


The aim of this research is to assess whether there is an association between Organizational Identification and Employee Engagement among the intellectual capital assets of a selected textile retail outlet. In order to find out the intended research objective, the researchers have selected 87 employees using proportionate stratified random sampling technique and the data were collected through structured questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of demographic variables, Items of Organizational Identification Scale and Items of Employee Engagement Scale. The researchers have used the Non-Parametric tools such as Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal Wallis test and Spearman's Rho Correlation for the purpose of statistical analysis. Based on the analysis of how the demographic variables and Organizational Identification Factor are associated with Employee Engagement, the researchers have made few recommendations to the textile retail outlet.