The Relationship between Customer Education and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: The Perspective on Islamic Banking in Malaysia


  • Khairul Firdaus Adrutdin
  • Kamisan Gadar
  • Jimisiah Jaafar
  • Nur Syafiqah A. Rahim
  • Sallaudin Hassan


Customer knowledge (CK) in Islamic banking services is generally low and this has affected the customers’ perception and their choice criteria. It is important that the initiatives for customer education (CE) to be deliberately strengthened in order to increase the customer knowledge (CK) as well as customer satisfaction (CS). The value created through the customer education (CE) initiatives and increased of customer knowledge (CK) would help to promote enhanced customer satisfaction (CS) in Islamic banking perspective. On the other hand, the inclusion of service quality (SQ) dimensions are equally important as the delivery of knowledge to the customers will be more effective since the service quality (SQ) is still the tenet for good and quality performance in any business organizations. Thus, this conceptual paper will dissect the dimensions that involved in the relationship of customer education and service quality with customer satisfaction.