Low Head Dams Awareness in Malaysia


  • Siti Natasha Malik Fesal
  • Mas Fawzi
  • Mohd Rizan


Low head dams impose dangerous counter currents near the downstream face of the structure. Fatalities at low-head dams with such currents often referred to as “drowning machines” or “hydraulic” were poorly documented in Malaysia history. Emergency rescues at low head dams can be hazardous to rescue personnel because of the reverse roller phenomenon (hydraulic). Malaysia has published Malaysia Dam Safety Management Guidelines (MyDAMS) in 2017. The primary purpose of the guidelines is to raise awareness, generate interest, and educate the general public and decision-makers regarding these dangerous structures and the need for remediation. Finally, MyDAMS highlights technical strategies required for dam safety management and the roles and duties of the key players' involvement, including Dam Owner's dedication to safety programs, chance management, and the provision of sufficient economic and human resources. The apprehension of the potential impacts among professionals and interventions of the dam was crucial.