Minimizing Customer Waiting Time in Vehicle Inspection Centre using System Dynamics Approach


  • Norazura Ahmad, Norhaslinda Zainal Abidin, Ibnu Affan Jaafar


As a sole vehicle inspection agency entrusted by the government, the vehicle inspection centre is receiving complaints about the waiting time from its customers. To mitigate the problem, the management requires an appropriate decision tool to foresee the consequences of possible changes towards the current system. In this paper, an application of system dynamics modelling is presented to deal with non-linearity behaviors and capturing the dynamic interactions between multiple elements in the system. The model is developed to identify the optimal strategy in achieving the acceptable customers’ waiting time. Findings from the model shows that the waiting time may be reduced to under 30 minutes if  the VIC apply the ratio of 7:1 for experienced and less inexperienced vehicle examiners to handle the inspection.

Keywords: waiting time, vehicle inspection, system dynamics optimization