Android Learning App using Augmented Reality


  • Ajay Dev K S, Aneez M M, Ajay Jose J, Ahmed Abubaker Barahim, Meenakshi Sundaram A


Augmented Reality is one of the emerging technologies which will be making a serious impact on the industries of the world. Augmented Reality is not a science fiction concept anymore it has become a science-based realism. With Augmented Reality we can view a digital object coexisted with a real object in our real-world environment in real-time. Due to the improvement of the mobile computing power in recent years Augmented Reality can now be accessible on mobile devices as it no longer requires specialized equipment. Although Augmented Reality is still in its early phases, it is already implemented being used in a variety of different fields. One of the major fields is Education. Education is one of the key organizations that is being used by technology and digitalization such as demonstrating complex subjects which can make it easier for the students to understand. As students tend to use technology for learning rather than reading bulky books. Many young people now have smart phones which we can utilize this technology to enhance our learning methods. As our project’s aim is to a mobile application that uses the concept of AR as its base to build a learning platform that will help students to achieve an understanding of what they study in a more fun, innovative and immersive way.

 Keywords: component; Learning App; Augmented Reality; Android Application