A Revamp Authentication System for E-Banking


  • S. Christy, A.Gayathri, J. Rama


Security plays an important role in any transactions in E-Banking. The main objective of this paper is to propose the smart way to authenticate the user in the bank and access the account through the pictorial password. This is achieved by providing the indirect pin. The pin should predict the original password. Previously the server provide the pre-defined image as a password image and the users used to upload or select the image. But that was having some limitation. There is no security to the user’s account if any intruder provides some password to the user’s account. This system is designed by introducing the OTP in an image method. An effective E-banking service is achieved by using the E-pay. It also provide security to the customer’s account from an unauthorised person. This is done by identifying the person who enters the wrong password frequently. This system provides a proper way to transfer the amount from one user to another user. The methods used in the system are to be provided to ensure the security for the banking sectors.

Keywords:OTP, Image Processing, Encoding, KHMAC Algorithms.