Assistive Communication for Blind


  • S Mohammad Asif, Srikanth MM, Sumanth HC, T Munisekhar, Vani Krishnaswamy


One of the foremost precious gifts to somebody's being is a capability to determine, listen, speak and respond in line with the situations. But there are some unfortunate ones who are bereft of this. Making one compact device for people with Visual, Hearing and Vocal impairment could be a tough job. Communication between deaf-dumb and normal person are always a thought-provokingchore. This paper proposes an innovative communication framework for deaf, dumb and blind people in an exceedingly single compact device. we offer a method for a visually handicapped person to read a text and it will be achieved by capturing a picture through a camera and which will be convertedthat text to speech (TTS). The blind people will be ready to read the words using by Tesseract OCR (Online Character Recognition), the dumb people can communicate their message through text which is able to be read out by espeak, the deaf people will be ready to hear others speech from text.

Keywords:Blind, assistive communication, provoking chore.