Development of Environmental Accounting and Reporting Practices of Listed Companies in Malaysia


  • M. S. Kamaruzaman
  • G. Hayder


There are several optimization methods nowadays that have been studied by the researchers in order to ensure the companies in Malaysia are moving towards The Malaysia Development Plan and Vision 2020. The vision is targeting for the nation to become anenvironmental sustainabledeveloped country. To ensure these aspects are met, Malaysian’s corporates must reflect more understanding of environmental and sustainable in their accounting and reporting.Thus, this study is to determine the depth environmental ststainability consideration within a company’s practices, decisions and subsectuntly reporting which demands different and wider scope in managerial accounting and reporting. Based on previous studies, environmental accounting or an Ecomanagementwas proposedto supportthe management to incorporate environmental issues while decisions are made. This study will study the available published reports from selected top 30 largest public listed businesses in Malaysia to survey their sustainability disclosure and reporting that related to the environmental management and reporting. The selected variables to measure the environmental and sustainability reporting were in Management Philosophy, Corporate Culture, Processes, Networking, Quality Standards, Business Collaborations, Know-How, Work Related Knowledge, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovative, and Employee Involvement in the Community. In addition, this study found that many businesses in Malaysia have started to disclose the environmental and sustainability issues in their accounting and reporting.