Efficient Public Bus Transportation for Smart City with Amazon Web Service Interface


  • Chandra Shekar L, Bhaskar Reddy P.V


The way in which commuters plan to travel becomes more decisive currently based on multiple attributes like Time, Comfort, Cost and Environment, which may lead to choosing public bus transportation as most efficient. However, this requirement leads to having public bus transportation with Smart seating management. Having this helps the public to be comfortably available for work, classes and other activities which supports availability over network during the Commute as well. This explores to use different technologies. The Solution to the above problem can be achieved by designing the system which can be embedded inside the bus. The System Consists of distributed IoT methodology design, Microcontroller, GPS (which provides location of the bus) and IR Sensors (Number of commuters inside the bus) information available over GSM/GPRS Network. To overcome the drawbacks of currently available assistive device, this system proposes RFID READER which reads the bus information and TAG which is embedded back of the bus Seat that helps to identify whether seat is vacant or filled. The above-mentioned information is available, dynamically fetchable in real time when a User interfaces in Amazon Web Page with registered credentials.