Network on Chip - A Study on RiCoBiT

(Ring Connected Binary Tree)


  • Sneha Kashyap, Sanju V


The increased requirement of heterogeneous core was becoming an another issue because if one  processor  had high processing power then the other one had less power, for this reason the bandwidth, scalability and even the power efficiency was in high demand, to overcome on all these methods, Network on Chip came into picture. Thus using Network on Chip, we can transfer data in the form of packets. It basically follows layered structure of protocol stack. Network on Chip consists of Routers Processing elements and a Network interface. It uses a Network which is similar to Wide area network (WAN) but it does not use Wide Area Network. This paper will be the discussion on a hybrid architecture that is ring connected binary tree, so that a better topology with reduced latency and increased bandwidth can be used in NoC. The paper also discusses about the performance parameter and its methodology.