The Effect of User-Generated Content Factors on Improvement: Usability for E-Commerce in Context of Bangladesh


  • Ashok K Patil, Syed Arif Islam, Umma Khatuna Jannat


Context: Usability is a key success of any e-commerce development. Usability of a software system means its relaunch software with system productivity, reliability, satisfaction and high quality of e-commerce. Human strongly encourage and market place is needed usable system to touch fast growing e-commerce. Unfortunately, usability of e-commerce in Bangladesh it is falling and running situation.

Objectives: Nowadays, most of the e-commerce is develop by Bangladesh with the goal that the expectation of this research is to distinguish the usability related problem in the e-commerce website of Bangladesh and investigate the factors that improve usability. This concept is to increase e-commerce development process to improving usability in business to consumer e-commerce.

Methods: In this study, systematic mapping study used as the methodology and the surveys using SUPR-Q method which has 13 questionnaires, creating for a typical evaluation with more 13 additional questionnaires is established for the survey. The 5-point scale is used to evaluate e-commerce usability of the website. Apply for 500 people who have experience about e-commerce website. Get data from the survey and also collects data from the literature review. Our findings show absence of detailed b2c e-commerce usability which approaches are used in particular, how those designs pre-processing steps that are performed usability and how they relate to the Bangladesh context.

Results: To complete the objectives, fine out the b2c usability factor using T-Stats and p-value <0.05 which is significance level. This result recommends that usability is significantly affected on Bangladesh (b2c) e-commerce website. From the linear regression finds out that R=. 637. Here, R =. 637. R2=. 406 measures, 40.6% of the measurement of usability. Adjusted R²=. 377 measure the number of independent variable and the sample size.