Raliway Gate Control System Using Buzzer


  • Saniya Gazala, Gopal Krishna A S, Shivaranjan B Nagathan, Mahalakshmi VK, Lithin Kumble


In this developing countries accidents in the unmanned level crossings and due to obstacle on track are increasing day by day. Our project deals with automatic railway gate control at a level crossing replacing the gatekeepers and detection of obstacle on track. By implementing the system at the level crossing the arrival of the train is detected by the sensors placed in the side of the tracks. Hence, the time taken to close the gate manually is less. Detection of obstacle on railway track deals with two things, first it senses the objects on the track by using sensors which is placed on front end of train. Our system uses sensors to detect the arrival and departure of trains at the railway level crossing, IR sensor to detect the obstacle and Arduino control the opening/closing of gates and train speed as well. They are many incidents that take place at level crossing many lose their lives, people injured for life time This motivates us to work on this project.