College Event Management Framework


  • Dhanush S N, Koushik R, Mukul B, Shilpa V


College event management framework deals with the maintenance of events of university. College event management framework is an automation system, which is used to store information of college. It includes everything from registration of a new event in college to providing attendance for those who participated in the event. By doing so we can notify the students and also reduce the probability of the students who gets proxy attendance. This additionally offers with retrieval of data via an INTRANET primarily based campus extensive portal. It collects associated statistics from all department of an organization and continues documents which can be used to generate reviews in various bureaucracy like instructional, cultural and sports. It deals with all kind of student details involving in academic, cultural, sports and other resources. Different queries and reports can be placed which will be taken care by the resource person. Automation system which helps in the storage details of the events and information of a college.