Application Based Smart Parking Reservation System using OpenALPR


  • Tejas KL, Utkarsh Yadav, V Vijay Krishnan, Vishrutha KS, Mallikarjuna Shastry P. M.


This paper discusses on smart parking system for slot reservation based on image processing technique and electronic parking fees collection based on OpenALPR. The aim of this project is to develop and implement an automatic parking system that will increase convenience of the public car parking zone as well as collecting parking charges without interference of humans. The proposed system processes the frame drawn at parking lot and produces the information of the empty car parking spaces. Cars can be allotted a slot based on the availability of parking lot. When the slot is vacant, it is made digitally available and helps the user discover it through our web-based application. In addition to that, it has an infrastructure where people can open our application and book a slot prior to their visit to that place. The system uses a camera as a sensor to take photos to show the occupancy of car parked. It then uses OpenALPR algorithm method for license plate extraction from car images and respective billing system to calculate the parking charges. The parking charges can be paid through application.