Smart Dustbin Using Internet of Things


  • K. Rukesh Sai, M. Sainath Reddy, K. Jithendra, K. Pavan Sai, Shashikala.N


The concept is straight forward and driven by a fact that the dustbin require very regular cleaning. This results in unhealthy environment and disease unfolding. The aim is to accommodate additional and obtain the bin clean timely using alert warning services. In many locations, the Municipal garbage bins square measure overflows and they do not appear to be clean at the right time. As a result of which the consequences are severe. It involves overflow of garbage that ends in soil contamination, disease unfolding, together it produces insanitary conditions for people, and appearance in it. The word waste management often refers to all kinds of waste, whether or not created during raw material extraction, the processing of raw materials into finished products, the sale of ultimate products or alternative human goods activities, in combination with municipal, agricultural and social activities such as healthcare etc. There must be a mechanism that offers prior details on the filling of the bin that warns the municipality to clean the bin on time and to protect the atmosphere. To prevent all these issues we prefer to suggest a solution to this disadvantage is smart Garbage Bin, It is capable of telling the authorised individual once the garbage bin is on the verge of overflowing and to create Arduino, buzzer and inaudible [Ultrasonic] detector for peep sound victimisation. 

Keywords: Arduino, Buzzer, inaudible detector