Self Driving Car Using Image Processing and Neural Networks


  • Anirudh.J, Chaitra.B, Ayush.V, Anup Ranjan Sabat, Aushij Singh


The main idea behind the entire self driving car is to make the travelling between any given places easier, safer and hassle free. The amount of self driving cars that are being developed around the world is increasing at a rapid rate. We have made it possible by using hardware such as RaspberryPi, Arduino Uno, L293H motor drivers, car chassis kit and PCB. The software which we are using are Arduino IDE and Raspbian OS. OpenCV and Neural Interface are some of the packages that are used. The car that we are developing can perform the following features stop sign detection, lane detection, traffic light detection and changing the lane if an object is present in front of it. The self driving car can should be used everywhere as this car reduces the amount of pollution that is happening around the world.

 Keywords: Self Driving Cars, Raspbian OS, Arduino IDE, OpenCV, Neural Networks, Haar cascade