Waste Management Using Reward System


  • Ganesh Prasad Rao, Harsha Vardhan M N, Mallikarjuna Shastry P.M


The planet has undergone tremendous stress since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the invention of plastic, boosted the manufacturing industries. Plastic is inexpensive, versatile, strong, flexible, waterproof non porous.  Due to this, plastic is used on a large scale to develop and manufacture even the most basic products such as plastic covers, bottles to space equipment. The success and dominance of plastic as a goto material for varied commercial products created concerns of environmental pollution. Currently, plastic pollution is one of the major threats to the environment and wildlife. Recycling is opted as a measure to reuse and repurpose plastic. The main challenge of the scenario boils down to the collection of plastic, governments have to deal with littered plastic which proves to be difficult. This paper addresses this problem of plastic waste management and proposes a solution using IoT and introduces the concept of rewards which will motivate proper waste disposal.

 Keywords: IoT, Waste management, reward system, Smart City