Public Safety Implementation of Facial Recognition


  • Pavan Kumar P, Mohammad Shaham, Mohammad Sahal, Anilkumar Ambore


The objective of this project is to make it easy for users who have lost their people and trying to find, as the process of finding missing ones gets easier by using the web application as the user just has to upload the picture of the person who is lost and if the details given by the user matches with our database then the details will be shared such as the whereabouts. The main idea is to help people make finding their lost ones easier. It is really necessary because there are so many missing cases across the world which are increasing drastically and the chances of finding the missing person is nearly impossible. As our Web Application make use of Facial Recognition to help find the missing ones as our web application makes it easier and it's easily accessible. All the web application needs is the picture of the lost person to be uploaded and any user can upload a real time picture of the person to be found which is to be compared to the existing pictures in the database. And if a match is found, then the user who uploaded the picture will get the given details of the missing person. Making this process easier and faster makes whole dynamics of finding a missing person way more accessible and easier compared to the pre-existing methods.

 Keywords: Facial recognition, database, pre-existing  models.