Card Authentication Using Biometrics(Face)


  • K. Ajith Raj, G. Joshna Chowdary, K. Ruchitha, G. Sumanth, Ranjitha U.N


This paper proposes a method for purchasing or transferring money using credit or debit cards which uses biometrics for authentication. We use facial recognition as biometrics for authentication. The algorithm we used is Haar cascades algorithm from OpenCV library. There are few problems faced by the credit a d debit card users such as cloning of the cards and obtaining the secret pin using the brute force technique. These frauds are more common in cases like losing of cards or the transaction that are done in public places like restaurants or malls etc. Our proposed method will be able to control few of these frauds by using facial authentication techniques. This systems works in the following manner the algorithm matches the face of the user who is accessing the card and with the collection of data sets which are available for that particular card holder account in the database. If the face is matched then the transaction will be accepted, if not the transaction will be denied.