Blood Bank Management System Using Android Application


  • Snehasish Banik, Sriyansh Ghosh, TV Poonam, Laxmi Jayannavar


In the world full of growing technologies and innovative ideas there are some disabled people like a deaf, dumb and blind who are facing different problems in their daily lives.Blind people have difficulty to avoid obstacles. Deaf and Dumb people are fighting for finding an innovative way that can make communication easier for them.In this paper, we are introducing a new system-protoVIJAYANK(Spectacle device) to assist differently-abled people. The VIJAYANK spectacle device will make use of the Wearable Technology which consist of an ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor, flex sensor, camera(To record gestures) and buzzer/speaker, Texas Instrumentation Circuitry,APR9600 audio recorder(For DEAF) and concepts of computer vision and machine learning to detect the obstacle(FOR BLIND)and to record the gestures (FOR DUMB). Deaf people able to communicate by using the speech recognition module and LCD. All these are included in one device so that this device is useful in the communication of the people suffering from any of the possible combinations of Blindness, Deafness, and Dumbness. In this paper, we will be proposing a new idea that could sever all the problems faced by the handicapped and also fulfil the voids to greater heights.Availability of blood throughout emergencies is strong vital for each single object. There is a number of online blood donation centers uniting area for efficient contact between them and medical facilities. None of  the net blood donation center offers immediate contact between both the donor and them. This may be the big downside of the new framework. The present bridges area unit fastidious; required additional job and large ticket. This paper provides a link between the current bank system and the improved performance structure. The current concerns might grow the effectualness of recent blood banks and facilitate new standard  desktop framework to moveable framework. The proposed research each addresses the elements of   expanded structure in different ways, such as the details being retained, knowledge provided and obtained by the individuals for potential projects such as relatively blood teams.

Keywords:  Blood Bank Management System (BBMS); Blood bank; donor; acceptors; administrator