Tridaily Attendance Management System Using Facial Recognition


  • Kishen V, Manikanta O, Nimrita Koul, Lakshmi Narayana S


Attendance is a process by which students or employees who are a part of an organization are identified and their presence is kept track of, for administrative purposes. The existing system employs the usage of pen and paper which is tedious and mundane in nature and requires ample time to identify students or workers to mark them, either present or absent after which, the same needs to be updated either online or offline to maintain records. The designed system cuts down the entire process to an almost non-existent process, wherein the attendance of a student or employee is marked as and when the facial features of the employee is detected and recognized. Soon after the facial features are recognized, the required updates are made on a centralized database, which can be accessed and managed locally within the organizational perimeter. Implementing such a system will not only save time, but make it almost impossible to manipulate.

 Keywords: Attendance Management Systems, dlib, Face Recognition, OpenCV