Grocery Management using IoT


  • Raksha R K, R Rishabh Keeshan, Rahul Oliver, Shantala Devi Patil, Ritu Shetty


Today, automation using IoT is growing rapidly and is making everybody’s work easier. This paper is an attempt to address the challenges faced in automating the kitchen with focus on ‘Grocery Management Using IoT’. Every month, the user has to manually check a large set of grocery items, decide what has to be procured and how much. Instead, this entire process of checking, listing, procuring and storing can be automated using an IoT based Android. Ultrasonic-Sensors are used to read the data. An Arduino board sends data to the central receiver, which in turn sends the data to the server through a local Wi-Fi. When the level of any item reduces or reaches a certain level, a notification is sent to the users’ smart phone and the user is presented with a few options to proceed further with. In this approach, the user gets to choose from the heterogeneous variety of grocery items, based on the requirement and frequency of use of a particular ingredient. For every product in the shopping list, the app shows a wide range of subset for the user to choose from, giving more transparency on the product, seller, price, etc. User decides whether to place an order that instant or delay it by a few days or add it to the monthly grocery list. This automation gives budgeting for the present month and also an estimate for the following month as well.

 Keywords: Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor, Central Receiver, Iot, Android Application.