Hospital Management System using Web Technology


  • Kotapati Saimanoj, Grandhi Poojitha, Khushbu Devendra Dixit, Laxmi Jayannavar


Today’s web-based technology offers many online services in almost every field. Every major industry is converting and establishing a digital front for all their major operations to get closer to the booming digital market. In today's world the information flow is very fast and redundant means won’t add to the betterment of the individual or the organisation that's using them. Online connectivity is now a must for all the well organised and well managed establishments. One such field is Healthcare where the digitisation of information should happen rapidly and efficiently. This paper addresses that particular region and paves a way for the creation of a software that helps to an easy transition from paperwork to e-papers. The paper describes an idea of such a web-based platform that eliminates the need of paper prescriptions in the Hospitals that proposes E-Medical Management which will increase the efficiency of patient management, schedule management of the doctors and give universal access to the patient data anywhere in the hospital.

 Keywords: Hospital Management; Database; Webpage; Interface