Voice Based Home Automation Using Raspberry PI


  • Chakala Sai Venkat, B V Naveen, Bangarugari Venkata Sai, Chintaparthi Mounish Reddy, Priyadarshini R


IOT is technology that is changing the world in a rapid way. Many technologies are integrated with IOT and lot of technologies have been developed which has created an impact on the present world. In this project we are making use of this technology along with the hardware and required software and developing a smart home where the devices can be controlled by using an android application. Raspberry pi has an inbuilt Wi-Fi module which is used as a communication protocol between the android application and the devices. Here we are using the relay driver to connect the devices. The motto of this project is to develop a smart home which will be helpful for the people to use their devices efficiently. This project can be helpful for the people who cannot do their work efficiently like physically challenged and old age people.

Keywords:Voice Based, Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi, Home Automation, Android device, Iot.